Browse Tag: Marlon Wayans on playing Richard Pryor: ‘I’m ready’

Marlon Wayans on playing Richard Pryor: 'I'm ready'

Marlon Wayans on playing Richard Pryor: ‘I’m ready’

Marlon Wayans on playing Richard Pryor: ‘I’m ready’

When it was announced that Marlon Wayans and not Eddie Murphy played Richard Pryor in the biopic of the giant comedy that has been discussed at length, the news has been well received by the internet. Wayans was not surprised when he read derogatory remarks: you can not hang your star on movies like “White Chicks” and “Little Man” without consequences.

Marlon Wayans: An article about Marlon Wayans on Sunday has misrepresented the surnames of filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen as Cohen. –
“Look, I want to make the most stupid films ever, because they make people laugh and make money,” Wayans said recently with a smirk. “But that’s not all I want to do and I think I’ve shown some people – those who paid attention – I can do more. Everyone, well, can wait and see and decide.”

Wayans believes he is about to win skeptics and perhaps even establish a name for himself that goes beyond his status as “other Wayans” – or perhaps even the “other-other-Wayans.” The 37-year-old is the youngest of 10 children in prostitution who achieved the fame “In Living Color” television program of the 1990s created and written by Keenen Ivory Wayans and Damon Wayans. His position in the family photo has given many opportunities Marlon Wayans he and his brothers Shawn had their own program “The Wayans Brothers,” for four seasons at Fox since 1995, but also a continuing challenge to establish something resembling an individual identity.


“I have no complaints,” said Wayans, “but I have a plan. I love doing comedy, but I also like to do theater.”

As for laughter and tragedy, it would be difficult to think of a figure that gathers more convincingly than the late Richard Pryor, a Peoria, Illien, who grew up on the edge of his grandmother, was expelled from school at the age of 14 Years and became a firepower in popular culture as a comic book, film star, writer. When, in 1998, he became the first recipient of Mark Twain’s American humor, which was described by Lawrence Wilker, President of the Kennedy Center, as a voice message in the national conversation: “An agreement was reached and nervous, with The United States, which forced him to look at the great social problems of race and the most tragic aspects of the human condition. ”

Murphy factor

The effort to bring Pryor’s story on the screen for several years was launched and Jennifer Lee Pryor, the actor’s widow, is part of the process. For several months, the conventional assumption was that Murphy would play the leading role. This is not the case. Instead, Wayans came to lunch at a Los Angeles restaurant recently with the smile of a man who had a winning lottery ticket in his pocket.

“You have to get lucky in life, but also what you do with your luck,” said the New York native, who remains tense arms of his role in the action movie “GI Joe.” Last summer “I’m ready.”

At present, the final image of Wayans in the public mind is likely to a petty offender posing as a child in the 2006 film “Little Man” which was created with disturbing CG effects. There are also 2,004 “White Chicks,” another farce, where he played a black FBI agent on a train with pale skin. The films were relentlessly gross and combined $ 215 million at box office worldwide. Many movie critics, of course, were scared, of which the British writer Mark Kermode, who wrote: “There is no deep well in the world that has all the copies of the film …” Little Man “is bad for the world.”

That may be true, but Wayans is trying to join a growing number of stars who specialize in thick comedy and then re-released their pants, get into a drama and ask the movie world to stop laughing (But seriously, People …). Wayans was not to stray from his family history to see the models.

“Living Color” student Jim Carrey pretended to talk about his ass (literally) in “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective,” but then won critical acclaim playing Andy Kaufman in “Man on the Moon.” Will Ferrell and Jamie Foxx have had similar success, and Adam Sandler, producer of the film project Pryor, with films such as “The Intoxicated Love” and “spanglish” has aspired to be the house of art and dependence his screen.