Take time for what you love.

Take time for what you love.

Take time for what you love.

If all we did was to work and fulfill our obligations, it might be difficult to find a sense of enjoyment in our daily experience. It is important to take care of our responsibilities, but you should also try to balance the “need to do” activities with some things that we really want to do. If we do not take the time to do things that are enthusiastic, we could easily begin to feel our lives. This is why it is important to make time every day for the things you really like.

6. Remove unnecessary commitments. Just as we have to make time to do things that we like, we also have to work to minimize things that consume time and energy without real reward. Of course, some things are simply not negotiable, but other so-called obligations are not really necessary. For each commitment, ask yourself if it is something that really adds to your life. Is it improving your life, or is it bringing more stress? If this does not add any positive pleasure or gain, drop it.

7. Focus on what matters. There is productivity and there is a lot of work to do. Sometimes it can be difficult to recognize the difference, as it varies for each of us. Here’s an example: For someone whose livelihood comes from social media marketing, spending time on sites like Twitter and Facebook could be a productivity. For others, however, anything more than 5 to 10 minutes at these sites can be a distraction from what really matters. It is each of us to analyze our situation and allocate our time accordingly.

8. Learn to let go. When it comes to relaxation, the body follows the mind. If your mind is obsessed with all the things you have done today, then you are not relaxed. Your body can feel the relaxation if your mind to let go of it all because of stress, worry or anxiety. You will find more fun in your life if you take some time each day to practice letting go.

9. Adopt generosity. There are almost infinite opportunities to contribute to the lives of others. Any act of kindness is an act of generosity. Smile at strangers, the door opens so that the person behind you, listen while another person speaks and respects. These simple acts of kindness will cost you nothing but add pleasure to your life and the lives of those around you.

10. Make a daily appreciation appreciation. Focusing on gratitude will change your life on all levels. It is so easy to end up in selfish activities and forget how it should be recognized. Gratitude is the antidote to selfishness. If you take a minute each morning and each night to consider your blessings, you will begin to notice more and more things to be thankful for. Of all the ways to get more pleasure every day, it is the simplest and most powerful. If you put a thing on this list into the action of your life, it should be.

11. Review your priorities. Life is an evolving experience and it means that we must periodically reevaluate our priorities. Make sure you know what is truly important to you and why. Add your first priority in your life or you will be swallowed everything else. Everyone knows you probably have an opinion on what should be important to you. Keep in mind that this is your life and you need to set your own priorities. Choose carefully and you can also find pleasure in your daily life.

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