how to join NDA

How to Join NDA (National Defence Academy) Easily?

To join the National Defense Academy, a candidate must appear for the entrance examination organized by the Public Service Commission of the Union, twice a year, usually in March and August. The candidate must be a single man. How to join the NDA, one must go through writing followed by SSB, doctors and finally be on the list of merits.

Written examination scheme

The written exam consists of two articles: 1st math (300) and 2nd general aptitude test (600 = 200 + 400). The mathematics article includes Mathematics 11 and 12 Mathematics, while Mathematics includes English (200) and GK (400) as Part A and Part B.
Topics include: algebra, matrices and determinants, trigonometry, two-dimensional and three-dimensional analytical geometry, differential calculus, integral calculus and differential equations, vector algebra, statistics and probabilities.
Part A – ENGLISH: – The English question paper will be designed to evaluate the understanding of English and worker candidates as the use of words. The program covers aspects such as grammar and usage, vocabulary, comprehension and cohesion in an extensive text to evaluate the candidate’s command in English.
Part B – GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: – The general knowledge questions document will cover the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, General Sciences, Social Sciences, Geography and News.

Service Selection Board

Candidates declared by UPSC to have succeeded in writing, appear before the AFSB or SSB according to their choice of service. Here is a test in 2 stages. Step 1 is performed on day 1 and the candidates who remove step 1 are tested in step 2. For more details on the SSB procedure, follow the SSB procedure

Medical exam

A candidate recommended by the service selection committee undergoes a medical examination by a medical officer of the service. Only candidates admitted to the academy are declared eligible by the medical commission. However, candidates declared unfit are notified by the chairman of the medical committee and the procedure to request a medical appeal committee is also informed to the candidate. Applicants found unfit during the Medical Board Appeal complain of the disposition of the Medical Review Board.
The final merit list is based on available vacancies. and the candidates that make it join the prestigious academy.

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