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Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake aims to help fans

Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake aims to help fans

Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake aims to help fans forget British trial no-shows

Nathanael Blake Mitchell has also promised British track and field events this weekend in his first race in the UK since his last launch for Jamaica at the age of 13.

The Birmingham field has been decimated by the withdrawal of nearly all major British athletes – including Mo Farah, Greg Rutherford, Laura Muir, Jo Pavey and Katarina Johnson-Thompson.

But 23-year-old Mitchell-Blake can help fill the void, showing quality that took less than 10 seconds to 100m, and less than 20 seconds to 200m in the American college system – then winning one Medal world championship in London in August.

“Being the world champion is the ultimate goal, but I have to pass the first test,” he said.

“I never go to a defeated race because if you do, you’ve already lost. So, finally, I want to win every race I participate.”

Blake Mitchell will only run in the 200-meter Birmingham knows he faces tough competition for the two automatic venues, including Zharnel Hughes, Adam Gemili and Danny Talbot, but he hopes his comeback inspires.

“I am delighted to run in front of the crowd,” he said. “It’s something I’ve never lived, but I’ve only heard things about it.

“The last time I ran in Britain, I was 13. I was running from Ilford CA, a small club, but that’s all I remember.

Hughes, who says he has recovered from a serious cruciate ligament injury that forced him to miss last year’s Olympics, believes he will return to the form that led him to fifth conclusion in the 200 meters in the World championships in Beijing in 2015.

“We are all capable of doing something spectacular,” he said. “I really do not know who the favorite is to race in the best race, but I feel much stronger now.”

It promises to be the race of the event, even with the absence of the athlete less than 20 seconds Miguel Francis – who recently changed the Antigua nationality – because of an ankle injury.

Many world championship venues are to win for two days in Birmingham and many eyes will be on the 200-meter European champion Dina Asher-Smith, who makes a welcome comeback after breaking her foot but has not yet decided to run 100 Mo 200 m.

The crowd will be denied the opportunity to see Farah and Johnson-Thompson, who played well enough to win the team and were allowed to concentrate on training.

World-wide long jump champion Rutherford and Muir, who won the 1,500 meters and in the interior of Europe 3,000 meters in March, are also out as they are recovering from injuries.

European indoor track champion Andy Pozzi, another world championship medal contender on the 110-meter hurdles, will test test to participate in the Diamond League meeting of Paris against a world-class field Saturday.

Most likely Pavey to the world championships in 43 years also reached after leaving the 5000 m with an Achilles problem. Pavey remains eligible for the 10 000 meters, but has more time to show his form and physical form.

Former 100-meter world championship medalist Tiffany Porter retired after a pinched hamstring while his sister Cindy Ofili was out of season for a muscle injury.

Dina Asher-Smith limps back into frame

Dina Asher-Smith limps back into frame


Dina Asher-Smith limps back into frame for world championships in London


In any other year, Dina Asher-Smith’s tears after finishing sixth in the 100 British trials would have reflected a lingering numbness and despair. This time, however, they were from a condemned woman granted an unexpected respite.

When Asher-Smith broke the navicular bone of the right foot in February, the obituaries of the season were written in triplicate. Not only did the record holder of 100m and 200m from Great Britain could not walk for weeks and weeks, but when she started running in early June, her foot worse than lactic burning.

Natanael Blake Mitchell aims to help fans forget British test evidence
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However, here I was in Birmingham, looking more sneaky than the last 100 meters, of course, but it was all for a place at the World Championships in London next month. His time of 11.56 seconds was the slowest for three years and far behind Asha Felipe, who won at 11.21 – with Daryll Neita second, 0.04 s behind – but he hinted at opportunities that did not seem possible this Time last month.

“Everyone says he broke his foot, he will not stay in 2017,” said Asher-Smith, who had to balance his recovery with his King’s College title title in London. “I was so scared, as you can imagine, I know my time was not good and it was rusty, but it did not bother me.

Asher-Smith’s performance certainly earned him a spot on the British 4×100 relay team for the world championship. In addition, as European champion in 200 m, which will be considered by the selectors for the third position of the base in the 200 meters, if can be shaped in form and the upper form of the deadline of July 25. A place in the 100m is also to win if you can run qualifying time of 11.27 on that date.

“I was back on his feet in the beginning of June on the grass,” said Asher-Smith. “I left the grass only two weeks on Monday, then I did some sprint sessions, but I could not finish all because my foot hurt.” “Honestly, I can go a lot faster with some training in me.”

There was a big surprise in the 100m men when Reece Prescod has booked his place in London by seizing the home at 10.09, ahead of James Dasaolu at 10.11. However, the end has been weakened by the withdrawal of CJ Ujah, who had a stunning impressive to win his semifinal in a 9.98 wind, but he called it one day because of a tense calf.


Prescod Performance was one of the few highlights of a day marked by scattered crowds and a clear lack of star names, with Mo Farah, Greg Rutherford, Laura Muir, Jo Pavey and missing Katarina Johnson-Thompson due to training or injury.

However, Christine Ohuruogu rose – and the former Olympic and double world champion hinted that he could have run his last run after failing to qualify for the 400-meter final on Sunday.

Ohuruogu, 33, only a third of his heat in a time of 54.41 – exactly five seconds slower than his personal best – and then gave all the indications he thought the herd. “I can not be bothered,” he said. “I have as much as possible out of my body, it made me proud, but I think it’s a bit tired. I’m tired all the time.”

Ohuruogu can still be selected for the relay 4×400 meters due to his experience, but admitted that in current form, he is against. “Everything went to see how it was this weekend and the plan there,” he added. “But I want to have a good time.I miss out on barbeques, bad things, and it’s hard work.I have intended to go right.I hope to be a lawyer.

The Mistake WWE Has Made With The Women

The Mistake WWE Has Made With The Women

The Mistake WWE Has Made With The Women

In case you have not noticed, over the past year, WWE became innovative and experimental with its Women’s Division. Since the “diva” tag is returned to “Women’s” most appropriate to complement men insist that WWE’s female fight is a part of their programming, and if they believe anything else, they have at least tried to To make them equal to men with respect to what they could do. However, the past few years have been years of first fruits for women.

We were party of the first women of Hell in a Cell, money in the Bank ladder party, steel cage match, falls count anywhere match, correspondence tables, whatever. WWE has done everything under the sun to put women in situations of similar correspondence that men usually place to prove that women can do men could do anything like that, if not better. However, from the moment the WWE began to be creative with women, I always noticed a trend for every game that degrades me even more now. They always go through the same story over and over again, and I think the focus of the game and, more importantly, the argument that women participate in the degradation accordingly.



Instead of focusing on women, the focus is more on the provision of real play. How many times have you heard that Mick Foley, Daniel Bryan, Shane McMahon or Team Announcement say, “For the first time …” in a way or way that women are there to try to be innovative in new environments. For example, Charlotte and Sasha Banks were the first two women to enter the structure of Satan, Hell in a Cell, last year. I think the WWE was so excited about women in these games for the first time, they were no more distant from their comfort zone and therefore they reduce the quality of the game as they do not know the psychology of the game. Moreover, women, at least historically in the struggle, are not accustomed to physical punishment by men.


I also heard about how this was broken from the hell of the first women in a cell and not how it would be the culmination of two world-class competitors.
For example, in the women’s money scale game at the bank on Tuesday, there were several places where I thought something would go crazy. In a sequence, Becky Lynch had Carmella behind and was about to give her a Pumphandle suplex. A fallen staircase was behind her. Now if he was a man, and say if it was the Generic that made Kevin Owens, Owens Zayn first hit on the side of the ladder. But Becky just slammed the carpet. Another sequence occurred when Carmella was about to retrieve the briefcase and was at the top of the stairs. Then all four other competing women came to arrest him and it seemed that they were ready to remove the ring. I think people also perceive. However, they stopped at the last minute and attacked instead.


On a night that included a lot of stipulated parties, we were talking about. And no stipulation in sight.
These parties that have intervened the women were far from being bad. I have seen much worse in almost all types of game. However, I think WWE has to do is hold on to their strengths with women. Sasha Banks and Charlotte’s Inferno in a cell were slightly above average. However, when Sasha Banks took the Charlotte Women’s Championship in the first “New Age” RAW, they established a clinic. WWE does not want to make history with women just to make history. I’ll tell you what. At WrestleMania 32, we had a Stairfight, a Hell in a Cell Match, a No Holds Barred Match, a real battle, and the party that spoke at the end of the night was the triple threat between Charlotte Becky Lynch Banks and Sasha. No steel structure around them, no special stipulation, there are only three women who come true to themselves and their business activities.

Smackdown Tag Team Championship

Smackdown Tag Team Championship

Smackdown Tag Team Championship

Welcome to a unique list of how to classify the active championships WWE titles. Some of the graduations have been difficult to decide because they wanted to highlight the story of each, but also wanted to see what the company has done with them recently. The current champion does not decide the general prestige; Its history is. Importance is measured in the way the company currently sells the security of its audience; Do you have the PPV title regularly? The talents that tell us how proud they are to be champions? I have some important points before talking about titles in the Smackdown brand:

The duration of each title is the number of years / months for the first time. This does not exclude time lost due to vacancy or deactivation.
Many title protections are not equal prestige. Hardcore title was defended the 24 hours, 7 days to 24 of 7 and does not have the prestige … unless they have enjoyed the reign of Steve Blackman.
A part time championship does not diminish prestige unless they return and do not lose terribly candidate number one or someone who is not in the title of the photo. In the past, the WWE title was not defended every month … it was more like 3-4 months in a big event at Madison Square Garden.
When competing in a division brings prestige, it can have a negative effect because it feels like a title becomes a “hot potato”. The line between strong competition and hot potato falls to anyone who asks. Except again … we talk about the Hardcore Championship.
The hardest part of making a list like this? WWE is not your championship issue as much as we are. They make decisions based on what is profitable, which is not fun or prestige.
As WWE always makes every effort to stop being a sport, the prestige is difficult to determine because the champions they choose can not be gifted sporty, but have a certain look that sells. WWE prefer to have short reins because they feel that the public does not have the patience to see the same defender of years. Fans are more likely to become a face champion for a long time, while heel champions can be encouraged if they become too much fun during their long reign of respect.
As for the Smackdown Securities label … it was doomed from the beginning. Heath Slater and Rhyno were never a serious team, and when they became the first champions, they showed the lack of depth in the division. The Wyatt family who won (with Orton) was interesting, but did not last. Enough, the current champions are to reign longer … and I do not care. American Alpha should have made big belts, but WWE had no one to compete with them. The new day some things … but there is a lot to do to make these titles worthy of Smackdown live.